CPVC power cable jacket

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Material properties

CPVC power pipes use PVC-C resin as the main material for heat resistance and excellent insulation properties. CPVC products are currently recognized as green environmental protection products. Their excellent physical and chemical properties are receiving increasing attention from the industry. CPVC power pipes are rigid straight solid wall pipes with smooth inner and outer walls, orange-red color, bright and eye-catching colors.


Heat resistance

CPVC power pipes have a 15 ° C higher heat resistance than ordinary UPVC double-wall corrugated pipes. They can remain undistorted at temperatures above 93 ° C and have sufficient strength.


Insulation performance

CPVC power pipes can withstand high voltages above 30,000 volts.


Pressure resistance

After the material modification of CPVC power pipes, the ring stiffness of the product has reached 10KPa, which is significantly higher than that of the relevant Ministry of the State.] For buried plastic pipes, the ring stiffness should be above 8KPa.


High impact strength

The CPVC power pipe can withstand a 1kg weight and an impact force of 2m at a temperature of 0 ° C, which fully reflects the low temperature impact performance of the material, which is fully applicable to the requirements of the construction environment.


Flame retardant performance

Both PVC and PVC-C materials have good flame retardant properties and can be extinguished immediately after fire. Especially the PVC-C material, because its chlorine content is significantly higher than PVC, so the flame retardancy and smoke density index are significantly improved.


Installation performance

The CPVC power pipe is light in weight, high in strength, and simple in laying method. It can be excavated and buried at night, backfill the road, and open to traffic as usual during the day. It adopts elastic sealing rubber ring socket connection, which is convenient and fast to install and connect. It can prevent the leakage of groundwater and effectively protect the safety of the use of power cables.


Long lasting

CPVC power pipe materials are resistant to corrosion and aging and can last up to 50 years.

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