Groundwater quality monitoring and special plastic pipes for deep wells

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Plastic well pipe has the characteristics of light weight, strong corrosion resistance, good durability, low cost, etc. In the water well industry in foreign countries, especially in developed countries, more than 80% of plastic well pipes are used. The future development trend in the field of water wells is to use new materials to form wells to solve the problems of corrosion and scaling, especially the problem of anticorrosion of water wells in high-salt areas. PVC-U plastic pipe has the characteristics of low cost, no corrosion, long service life, etc., so it has broad application prospects and markets.


Product advantages

◎ Does not pollute water quality

◎ High rupture strength and good seismic performance

◎ Cheap tubing and low cost

◎ Reduce energy consumption: The roughness of PVC-U plastic pipe is only 0.008, the inner wall is smooth, the hydraulic conditions are good, and the energy consumption during use is small.

◎ Abrasion resistance: PVC-U plastic pipe has excellent abrasion resistance and can greatly reduce the wear of the filter pipe due to water ingress.


Product parameters

project Claim
Density / (kg / m3) 1350-1460
Wide Vicat softening temperature ≥80
Vertical retraction rate /% ≤5
Ring stiffness / (kN / m2) SN≥12.5
Tensile yield stress / (MPa) ≥43
Falling impact strength (0 ℃) TIR /% ≤5


Application range

◎ Special casing for deep well water
◎ Pipe for groundwater quality monitoring





Material range

High density polyethylene, rigid polyvinyl chloride, impact modified polyvinyl chloride polypropylene.

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