HDPE gas pipe

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HDPE gas pipe is durable and safe, mainly used in urban gas engineering.


◎ Long life

Safe use for more than 50 years.


◎ Flexibility

The PE pipe has an elongation at break of more than 500%. It will not rupture under different subsurface changes such as ground subsidence and earthquakes, and has high safety. Bending radius (R≥15D), no need for elbow joints, which is convenient for construction.


◎ Cold resistance

The linear expansion coefficient of PE pipe is 1.5X10-4mm / mm ° C, and its length is almost unaffected by temperature changes. No physical change occurs even at -80 ° C. It is especially suitable for severe cold regions.


◎ Weldability

PE pipe can be used for electric fusion or hot-melt connection. Its connection is complete, tight and will never leak.


◎ Corrosion resistance

Immerse in hydrochloric acid at room temperature. In sulfuric acid (≤70%), nitric acid (≤25%), phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, complex acid (≤10%) and other solutions, PE pipes are not affected.


◎ Alkali and inorganic salts

PE pipe is immersed in various lye, inorganic salt and seawater at 60 ℃, PE pipe will not corrode.


◎ Organic matter

PE pipe can withstand organic solvents such as hydrogen peroxide and methyl gasoline at normal temperature, and PE pipe will not corrode.


◎ Workability

PE pipe is light weight (only 1/7 of steel pipe) and has good flexibility. De16-De75 pipe can be wound for easy transportation and construction.

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