HDPE grooved ultra-quiet drainage pipe

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Save raw materials and low loss

HDPE pipes and fittings for ordinary hot-melt connection are one-time connections, and the fittings cannot be reused. The groove connection method can be disassembled, parts and pipes can be reused, making full use of resources, saving energy and manpower and material resources required for secondary processing; during the installation process, the HDPE pipes are connected with flat mouths, without overlapping parts. Compared with other connection methods, the unique grooved pressure ring connection can reduce the amount of pipe.


Unique clamp connection, fast installation

No need for hot melting during construction, not limited by the installation environment, climate, temperature, etc., the installation workload on site is reduced, and work efficiency is improved. According to actual tests, compared with cast iron pipes, the same amount of engineering is installed, and the construction time required is at least reduced by more than half. PVC-U pipelines can not be installed in low temperature or rainy weather, this installation can be performed in the same way.



Scientific and reasonable structural design, unique C-type rubber sealing ring to achieve triple sealing, ensure the reliability of the connection seal, and can properly compensate the pipeline deviation from the axis.


Simple and economical operation

Fast installation, removable and maintenance-free. Save manpower without any special technology. Avoid the shortcomings that the socket connection method requires many people and labor. Installation is quick and easy, which greatly reduces installation costs. Since each connection point is both a pivot point and a maintenance port, it can be dismantled, and the pipeline system can make many flexible changes to adapt to the future without adding additional costs.


Low noise

The grooved clamp flexible connection method can block continuous transmission of noise, reduce vibration, absorb noise, and improve the quality of living environment. According to the company's test, the drainage noise of less than 49 decibels in the case of high-rise multi-story residents simultaneously discharging toilets.

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