HDPE reinforced winding pipe (B-type structure)

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Product Detail

HDPE winding reinforced structure wall type B pipe is also called HDPE winding structure wall pipe, carat tube, HDPE winding type B pipe, high density polyethylene winding pipe, type B structure wall pipe. It is a new type of flexible pipe with light weight, high strength, smooth inner wall, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, strong impact resistance, good flexibility, health and safety. The quality of the weld is high, the body is connected, the quality of the connection is good, there is no leakage, the service life is long, and the construction is fast and easy.


The main features

◎ Hot melt state winding, synchronous winding inside and outside the structure wall, pipe overall uniform, no weld.

◎ The use of air-cooled, pipe heat storage within the molding completely distributed, will not form internal stress, no delamination and cracking.

◎ Cold demoulding, pipe cooling to room temperature, using mold shrinkage mode demoulding, pipe will not be deformed. And HDPE hollow wall winding pipe, the use of domestic equipment and technology, high-density polyethylene material (HDPE) as raw materials, in the Water-cooled, hot-melt wound forming, A-type structure in accordance with the international GB/T19472.2-2004 regulations Wall pipe. In the process, the square tube is first extruded, then shaped and wound into a round tube after being cooled by water.


Product Advantages

◎ HDPE high-density polyethylene spiral reinforced pipe in the production of raw material performance requirements are very high, so in addition to 2% of masterbatch. Other than that, the other are HDPE as the material, so the price is relatively low. And HDPE hollow wall winding enhanced tube unit ring stiffness produced more consumables, so the cost is higher. However, due to the smaller investment in production equipment, lower barriers, so more manufacturers, in the disorderly competition in the market, in order to achieve the cost of the Advantage, a large number of inorganic materials (calcium carbonate) and recycled materials, resulting in a large market price gap, and ridiculously low.


◎ HDPE winding enhanced tube using socket type electrofusion connection (rigid interface), interface using socket and electrofusion two ways at the same time. HDPE spiral reinforced pipe withstands no In areas where rapid backfilling is required, HDPE spiral reinforced pipes can be used in a variety of ways. The ground for multiple heel pre-welding, and then put into the trench. And HDPE hollow wall winding pipe using (electric) hot melt method for connection, due to pipe port deformation, (electric) hot melt tape can not be connected with the hollow wall winding pipe. After the pipe is fully bonded, the construction must be welded in the trench, which requires large excavations and slow construction speed. (Electric) hot melt belt connection, poor force structure, coupled with the pipe welded seam length, can not adapt to the soft base or uneven settlement areas laid.


◎ In the same material of HDPE winding reinforced pipe (B-type pipe) and HDPE hollow wall pipe (A-type pipe), compared to the technically B-pipe to be better than A-pipe, application of B-pipe also better than A-pipe, in the same index, the two types of pipe material Similar to the normal price should be similar, the price should also be similar, the cost performance of the B-type tube is obviously better than the A-type tube.


◎ HDPE winding enhanced pipe, in the national and provincial and municipal key projects, a large number of use, especially in coastal areas, uneven settlement exists. The region is more commonly used. And HDPE hollow wall winding pipe due to the process and structure is more unreasonable, the material is not pure enough, engineering safety is too low, and in some key areas of the hollow wall winding pipe, the hollow wall winding pipe is too low. Engineering has been restricted in use, has been generally not applicable in coastal areas.



It is not difficult to conclude that the use of socket type electrofusion connection of HDPE winding reinforced tube is the most flexible, and the interface is rigid. interface, ensuring both a sealed interface and a stressed structure. During the construction of the project, if the water table in the trench is high, large areas of precipitation are difficult, or the collapse is severe, it can be done on the ground The welding of multiple pipes into the trench, which is not possible with other pipes, can speed up the construction process, and can be done in this way. At the same time, it avoids dangerous construction and reduces construction costs.

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