HDPE steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe

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Steel belt reinforced polyethylene (HDPE) spiral corrugated pipe is a kind of structural wall pipe with HDPE and steel tape fusion composite. The wall structure is composed of three layers: the inner layer is a continuous solid wall inner layer pipe and the inner pipe is wound and compounded outside. The steel belt is folded into a U-shaped annular corrugated steel strip reinforcement, and the composite corrugated steel strip reinforcement is compounded with the same outer layer of HDPE as the steel strip reinforcement. The new structure is scientific and reasonable.


Pipe Properties

◎ Chemical resistance: not corroded by pollution, waste water and chemicals, not corroded by decaying substances in the soil.
◎ Impact resistance: pipe wall U-shaped structure, impact resistance, pressure resistance, the foundation does not break under sinking conditions, and after deformation of the pipe wall U-shaped structure. Highly resilient and adaptable to all foundations.
◎ Aging resistance: the pipe is usually black, can withstand storage and construction of the process of direct sunlight.
◎ Cold resistance: pipe in -60 ℃ environment will not be frozen crack and expansion of water leakage.
◎ Light weight: easy to transport, convenient construction, 1/8 of the weight of the cement pipe, buried pipe only need to excavator, do not need large equipment.
◎ Connection is convenient: the pipe can be connected outside the trench first and then pushed into the trench by excavator to reduce the project time and cost.
◎ Wear resistance superiority: than steel, cement pipe wear resistance, domestic water waste slag transport capacity.
◎ Drainage circulation superiority: internal smooth, reduce friction, drainage speed.
◎ Economic: low construction, management and maintenance costs.
◎ Environmental impact: HDPE is a non-toxic raw materials, harmless to the land and other environments, and can be recycled.
◎ Good stability of pipeline system: pipe round external tension structure not only increases the pipe ring stiffness, while having a root resistance, to solve the longitudinal displacement of the pipe tension and top well problems.
◎ Completely reliable ring stiffness: due to the elastic modulus ratio of steel and plastic materials is more than 200, weight ratio is more than 7.85. It is therefore very easy to achieve sufficient safe and reliable ring stiffness and relative stiffness for the pipe, especially for large diameters, compared to pure plastic pipes. High stiffness-to-weight ratio.


Application areas

◎ Municipal works: buried drainage, sewers.
◎ Road works: seepage and drainage pipes for railways and highways.
◎ Industrial: sewage pipes for a wide range of industrial applications.
◎ Building works: building rainwater pipes, underground drains, sewerage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc..
◎ Landfill sewerage mains.
◎ Large port and wharf projects: drainage, sewerage, etc. for large airports, ports, wharf projects.
◎ Sports venues: seepage drains in sports venues such as golf courses and football fields.
◎ Water works: use of water pipes, irrigation pipes, and hydropower stations for water transmission and drainage.
◎ Mines: mine ventilation, air supply, drainage, mud ducts.
◎ Communication pipes: railway and road communication, communication cables, optical cable protection pipes.
◎ Water storage systems: water storage systems that capture slow-moving water.
◎ Agricultural works: irrigation and drainage of agricultural land, orchards, tea plantations and forest belts.
◎ Seawater transport tubes.

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