HFB single wall power bellows

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Heat-resistant insulation, safe and reliable
The main material of the pipeline is modified polypropylene, which has good insulation properties and can still maintain good resistance to external pressure at higher temperatures. It is suitable as a protective sleeve for high-voltage power lines .


Tensile and pressure resistant, rigid and flexible
It has stronger tensile resistance, external pressure resistance and better flexibility. The connection is sealed with a clamp, which is convenient and reliable. Low temperature resistance, suitable for winter construction: As a modified polypropylene, it has good low temperature impact resistance. In southern China, construction can be carried out most of the year.


Reliable quality and cost saving
light weight, density is only 0.9- -0.92g / cm3, it is the lightest material among all buried pipes at present, which can greatly reduce transportation costs and installation overhead costs; meanwhile, under equal load Under the circumstances, HFB power bellows can meet the requirements only with a thinner wall. Compared with the solid wall pipes with the same ring stiffness requirements, it can save 40-70% of material costs. Compared with the comprehensive cost, the sand pipe is basically the same, but its performance is superior. The construction connection adopts pipe buckle socket or hot-melt welding, which basically has no engineering maintenance costs.

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