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IFB inner-wall power bellows, also known as CM composite reinforced double-wall power bellows, has a novel structure design, unique structure, low friction resistance, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, high ring stiffness, and is not easy to break and age. The outer wall is a hollow ring structure, making full use of the I-steel structure principle to improve the rectangular inertia of the cross section, and the inner wall is very smooth, which improves the efficiency of threading. The products are widely used in excavation power engineering, and can replace HFB single-wall corrugated pipes, C-PVC power pipes, PVC-U communication pipes, glass steel pipes and other pipes. The normal service life of the pipe is more than 50 years.



Advantages of products

◎ Modified polypropylene flat wall reinforcedcorrugated pipe (IFB) high ring stiffness and high impact resistance, the outside of the pipe does not need to be encapsulated with cement. To pipe pillows plus fine sand backfill can be. Can greatly save construction costs, construction period will be a great improvement.

◎ Modified polypropylene flat-wall reinforced corrugated pipe (IFB) has high longitudinal plasticity, can adapt to the settlement of the foundation or construction of the foundation does not have a longitudinal plasticity. Leveling changes. Even more substantial foundation changes can ensure proper protection of the pipe.

◎ Modified polypropylene flat-wall reinforced corrugated pipe (IFB) inside the flat-wall structure of the cavity design significantly improve the smoothness of the cable.

◎ The modified polypropylene flat wall reinforced corrugated pipe (IFB), due to the pipeline interface at the outer corrugated, the inner corrugated pipe is equivalent to a seamless connection, there is no other pipeline seams or welding fringes, will not cut, bruise the cable in the dragging process.

◎ MPP material itself has good temperature and pressure resistance characteristics.

◎ Modified polypropylene flat wall reinforced corrugated pipe (IFB) through the corrugated structural wall design, improve the cost performance. In the case of achieving the same ring stiffness, less material and lower cost.

◎ Modified polypropylene flat-wall reinforced corrugated pipe (IFB) pipe joints of the active buckle design, so that the pipeline installation and construction is more convenient, pipeline maintenance and adjustment more free and convenient.

◎ Modified polypropylene flat-wall reinforced bellows (IFB) and cable contact, dragging process friction resistance is small, reducing the difficulty of construction.

◎ MPP materials are acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. Long service life. There is no acid-alkali neutralization corrosion of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, and there is no acid-alkali reaction corrosion of metal pipe.

◎ Modified polypropylene flat-wall reinforced corrugated pipe (IFB) can be recycled twice. Meet environmental requirements. Compared with non-recyclable cement and FRP pipe, it has the advantage of renewable environmental protection.

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