MPP non-excavation power cable jacket

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Product Features

◎ Have excellent electrical insulation performance.

◎ Have high heat distortion temperature and low temperature shock performance, long-term use temperature -5℃-95℃.

◎ High thermal compressive force of the ring piece, high compressive performance, strong corrosion resistance.

◎ Light weight, easy to install by hot melt connection.

◎ Long service life of pipeline, safe service life of more than 60 years.

◎ It can be recycled and reused, and will not pollute the environment.

◎ Smooth inner and outer walls, low friction coefficient.


Product Applications

MPP power cable protection conduit is widely used in non-excavation technology, without a lot of dredging, excavation and damage to the road surface, complete the road, road, road, road, road, road and road protection conduit. Laying of pipelines and cables at special locations such as railways, buildings and under riverbeds. Compared with the traditional "trenching and burying of pipes", it is more suitable for the current environmental requirements and avoids the dust and traffic congestion caused by traditional construction. and other nuisance factors, it can also address the need to lay pipelines in areas where excavation operations cannot be carried out, such as protected areas for monuments, greenhouse areas for crops, and so on. and farmland reserves, highways, rivers, etc., widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and other pipelines. Engineering.MPP power cable protection pipe is suitable for high-voltage power lines and cable ducting pipes above 10KV. Commonly used pipes are divided into ordinary type and reinforced type. Common type is suitable for excavation and laying construction and non-excavation through the construction of the project buried deeper than 4M.


Caveat: Installation requirements and precautions

◎ Before pipeline connection, the connection end face should be kept clean, and the two end faces of heating plate and pipe should be flat and pressurized to butt weld firmly, so as to form a uniform seam convex surface at the joint.

◎ Horizontal directional drilling to lay power cable pipe must always pay attention to drilling trajectory, datum point, construction zone control elevation, found problems must be immediately stopped construction.

◎ The appearance size of the pipe must be checked before connecting the pipes. If you need to mix the products of different manufacturers, you should be tested and qualified, and only after the same quality can be used.

◎ After the completion of each connection, should check the quality of welding, do not meet the requirements must be reworked.

◎ The pipe should be stacked neatly, and away from the high temperature, handling carefully and lightly, not throwing fall.


Installation acceptance

◎ During the construction period, the project shall be inspected and accepted in stages according to the implementation of the project, and after the completion of the project, the project shall be inspected and accepted by the construction team, construction unit and quality inspection department respectively, and then submitted to the supervisory unit and construction unit for acceptance.

◎ Guide hole drilling process should be bystander supervision, and drilling track to confirm the visa.

◎ The pipe welding and combination process should be bystander supervision and pipe welding combination acceptance visa.

◎ After laying the pipe, the construction unit invited the supervisory unit jointly on both ends of the pipe number and through pipe test for acceptance visa.

◎ The two ends of the pipeline and access to work wells and pipe construction shall be required by the relevant regulations for acceptance.

◎ The pipe and its interface with the experimental report should be completed as a project material content, and eventually submitted to the construction unit for acceptance. The completion of the project by the construction unit to organize the completion inspection and acceptance.

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