China’s first long-distance “one-hole, double-drag” directional drilling successfully passed

  On August 11, the author learned from the Liaohe Oil Construction First Company Crossing Engineering Company that the Qinghe directional drilling crossing of the fifth bid of the Daqing-Jinxi crude oil pipeline project (Chuiyang-Tieling section) undertaken by this company was successful, achieving the first long-term growth in China. A directional drill traverses from the “one-hole double-drag”.

  The Qinghe crossing project is located about 2 kilometers north of Anyemin Village, Yemin Town, Kaiyuan City, Liaoning Province. It is a construction task for simultaneous directional drilling through an oil pipeline with a diameter of 813 mm and an optical cable casing with a diameter of 114.3 mm. The geological structure of the construction area is dominated by gravel and mudstone layers. The directional drilling crossing section is 1625 meters long and belongs to a large river crossing project.

  In order to complete the task of crossing the river on schedule, the construction of the Dajin Pipeline Project Department of the No. 1 Construction of the Liaohe River has been scientifically organized to withstand the high temperature and heat. It has a lot of difficulties such as high friction, uneven soft and hard strata, and successfully completed the towing task. There was no running mud phenomenon along the line, which was highly praised by the owners, supervision and local government.

Post time: May-21-2020