Features of PE-RT Floor Radiant Heating Pipe

PE-RT pipe is commonly known as heat-resistant polyethylene (pe-rt) pipe. PE-RT pipe is made of medium-density polyethylene (mdpe) and octene. The high temperature and frost resistance are the characteristics of pe-rt pipe. The color of the PE-RT tube is the natural color of the raw material, that is, the transparent color, without any color masterbatch and fillers.
The PE-RT national standard was formulated with reference to ISO’s “Heat-resistant Polyethylene (PE-RT) Piping System for Hot and Cold Water” and other relevant parts of the Austrian national standard, and took into account the actual domestic production situation and technical capabilities. Therefore, it has a certain degree of advancement. The implementation of the new standards has a positive effect on the quality requirements and healthy development of the industry.
PE-RT pipe is a special linear medium-density ethylene copolymer made by copolymerization of ethylene and octene, added with appropriate additives, and extruded into a thermoplastic heating pipe. It has good flexibility and a small bending radius, which is 5 times the outer diameter of the pipe. The unique “stress relaxation” does not rebound after bending, which is convenient for laying operations. It has good impact resistance and thermal stability, can be connected by hot melt, easy to install and maintain, and has excellent molding processing performance.
Comfortable, hygienic and health care
Radiation heat dissipation is the best heating method. The indoor surface temperature is uniform, and the room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top. It gives people a good feeling of warming feet and cooling the head, and it is not easy to cause convection of dirty air. The room is very clean, which can improve the blood circulation of the human body and promote the metabolism of the human body, thereby forming a thermal environment that truly meets the requirements of the human body. It can prevent leg diseases caused by cold weather. It is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

Energy efficient
The heat is concentrated in the height that the human body benefits;
The heat medium is conveyed at low temperature, and the heat loss is small during the conveying process;
Good thermal stability. Because the ground layer and concrete layer store large amounts of heat and have good thermal stability, the indoor temperature changes slowly under the condition of intermittent heating.
It does not occupy indoor area. The radiator and other branch pipes are eliminated indoors, which increases the usable area and is convenient for decoration and furniture arrangement.
Low operating cost, fuel saving, low power consumption, is the most economical heating system.

Post time: Dec-02-2021