Performance characteristics of UPVC drainage pipe

UPVC pipe is a kind of plastic pipe made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin without plasticizer. With the development of chemical industry technology, it is now possible to produce non-toxic grade pipes, so it has the properties of general polyvinyl chloride and has added some excellent properties. Specifically, it has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and flexibility, so Especially suitable for water supply pipe network. Because it is not conductive, it is not easy to electrochemically react with acids, alkalis and salts. Acids, alkalis and salts are difficult to corrode it, so there is no need for external anticorrosive coatings and linings. And the flexibility is good, which overcomes the shortcomings of the brittleness of plastic pipes in the past, and can yield under load without cracking. There has been such an experiment: a DN50mm UPVC pipe was placed on the ground, and a Crown 3.0 car was driven on it. The pipe was only flat but not broken. Then we let the Dongfeng car full of cargo press over the pipe, and the pipe was just deformed and not broken. In addition, UPVC pipes have a smaller elastic modulus, which can reduce the amplitude of pressure shocks, thereby reducing the impact of water hammer. U-PVC pipe has smooth inner wall and low resistance (UPVC pipe resistance coefficient is 0.009, and general galvanized pipe. Cast iron pipe resistance coefficient is 0.012-0.013), so it is obvious that the hydraulic conditions are good. When pipes with the same diameter are used to transport the same liquid, the resistance of UPVC pipes is about 30% lower than that of galvanized pipes and cast iron pipes; when the head loss is the same, the water delivery capacity of UPVC pipes is more than 20% larger than that of cast iron pipes. Because the inner wall of the UPVC pipe is smooth, the liquid will not flow in the inside of the pipe, so its conveying capacity will not decrease with the increase of running time. And this is exactly the insurmountable shortcoming of galvanized pipe and cast iron pipe. With the continuous and in-depth development of reform and opening up, people’s living standards continue to improve, and the requirements for the quality of tap water are getting higher and higher. In addition to ensuring that the factory water meets the drinking water standards, the water supply industry must also qualify the water delivered through the pipe network. People have a strong reaction to the phenomenon of “yellow water”, “black water” in the tap water, and the main reason for the deterioration of the water quality of the guiding pipe network is the corrosion of the water supply pipes, especially the cold galvanized pipes. The coating on the inner wall of the pipe is unstable. After a year and a half of use, it will start to rust within a short period of time, resulting in iron smell and color in the water, and the corrosion of galvanized pipes buried underground is more serious. The UPVC pipe is corrosion resistant. No fouling, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, and help protect the water quality from secondary pollution of the pipeline. Therefore, UPVC pipe has a wide range of application prospects, especially a large number of buried pipes in front of the user’s water meter can use it.
Shengyang’s UPVC drainage pipe Excellent physical and chemical properties: The pipes and fittings produced by PVC are corrosion resistant, high impact resistance, and low fluid resistance (the flow rate is increased by 30% compared with cast iron pipes of the same caliber 6). It is resistant to aging and has a long service life (according to the test data of the Ministry of Construction, the service life is 40-50), and it is an ideal material for building drainage and chemical sewage. Lightweight and practical, easy to install: the weight is only 1/7 of the cast iron pipe of the same caliber, which can greatly speed up the project progress and reduce the construction cost. The inner wall is smooth, the drainage water is smooth, and the pipeline is not easy to be blocked: the inspection port is unique in design, and the inspection operation is convenient, and nothing is needed. Save construction costs: UPVC pipes have lower overall cost and lower maintenance costs than cast iron pipes of the same specification. The grooved clamp flexible connection method can block the continuous transmission of noise, reduce vibration, absorb noise, and improve the quality of living environment: According to the company’s test, under the condition of simultaneous discharge of toilets in high-rise buildings, the drainage noise is less than 49 decibels .

Post time: Dec-31-2021