PE-RT hot and cold water pipe

Short Description:

Product Detail

Excellent thermal stability and long-term heat resistance

The pipe has good homogeneity and stable performance. Application in hot water system can guarantee 50 years of use.


Good processing performance and stable quality

PE-RT pipe does not need to go through the cross-linking process, does not need to control the cross-linking degree and uniformity, there are fewer production links, the product is homogeneous, and the quality is stable and reliable. Flexible and easy to apply

Can be coiled and bent, with a small bending radius (Rmin = 5D), and does not rebound. The stress in the bent part can be relaxed quickly, avoiding the pipeline damage at the bend due to stress concentration during use. Construction in low temperature environment, no need to preheat the pipe, convenient construction, reduce cost.


Good impact resistance and high safety

The low-temperature brittleness temperature can reach 70 ° C, which can be transported and constructed in a low-temperature environment; its ability to withstand external impact is much higher than other pipes to prevent damage to the system caused by rough construction.



There is no pollution to the environment during the production, construction and use. The waste can be recycled and belongs to green products.


Good thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is 0.40W / mk, suitable for floor heating pipes.


Hot-melt connection, easy to repair

Hot-melt connection, PE-RT is much better than PEX in connection method and repairability.

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