Heat-resistant polyethylene composite pipe with perforated steel mesh

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Prefabricated thermoprotected polyethylene pipe is a new type of heating pipe, which consists of working pipe (including fittings), polyurethane rigid Foam insulation, polyethylene protective shell of close combination of composition. As the three become one body, buried directly in the soil, the thermal expansion stress caused by temperature changes in the inner tube is transferred to the polyurethane insulation layer. The outer pipe, which is subjected to soil friction, is also transferred to the working pipe through the polyurethane insulation, limiting the pipe with soil friction The thermal elongation. This requires that in addition to the thermal insulation function, polyurethane must also have a certain compressive and shear strength.


Working tube features

◎ Can work in 90 ℃ temperature and 1.0 MPa pressure for a long time;

◎ Smooth inner wall, no scaling, small friction coefficient, head loss is more than 30% lower than steel pipe;

◎ Good ring stiffness and impact resistance:

◎ Low coefficient of linear expansion and thermal conductivity;

◎ Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

◎ Light weight, easy transportation and construction;

◎ Good hygienic properties, ensuring the water quality in good condition for a long time.



Perforated Steel Strip Plastic Composite Pipe Applications

◎ Chemical industry: acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, petroleum industry, fertilizer, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining, rubber and plastic industries to transport corrosive gases, liquids, solid powder process pipe and discharge pipe

◎ Oil and gas fields: oil-containing sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixtures, oil well re-injection polymer solution pipelines and secondary and tertiary oil recovery and gathering and transmission process pipelines

◎ Mining: pulp, tailings, ventilation ducts and engineering ducts.

◎ Textile, printing and dyeing, paper industry: process piping and discharge pipe for transporting corrosive media

◎ Municipal engineering: urban building water supply and drainage, drinking water, heat network back water, natural gas, gas transmission pipeline.

◎ Nonferrous metals: used for the transmission of corrosive media in the smelting of non-ferrous metals.

◎ Agriculture: deep well pipe, filter pipe, culvert pipe, drainage pipe, ballast water pipe, ventilation pipe, etc.

◎ Shipbuilding industry: shipboard sewage pipe, drainage pipe, ballast water pipe, ventilation pipe, etc..

◎ Seawater transport: seawater desalination plants, seaside power plants, seaport cities, seawater transport, undersea pipelines and fiber optic cable (cable) conduits.

◎ Thermoelectric engineering: process water return water transmission, slag transmission

◎ Highway: buried drainage pipes, cable conduits.


Relevant standard

◎ Standard Code: Q/FJSY020-2018 (Enterprise Standard)

Perforated steel strip heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) composite pipe for hot water

◎ Standard code: GB/T37263- 2018

High-density polyethylene outer pipe polyurethane foam prefabricated direct buried insulation steel-plastic composite pipe

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