Perforated steel strip polyethylene composite pipe for water supply

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Product Detail

Perforated steel strip polyethylene composite pipe is to make holes at high speed on high-quality thin steel plates, and is made into thin-walled steel pipes with holes by argon arc butt welding to become reinforcements. The plastic is extruded to the inside and outside of thin-walled steel pipes with holes. The plastic on the outer wall is firmly combined with each other through the pores to form a whole with the reinforced thin-walled steel pipe. The production process is as follows: strip unwinding → high-speed hole making → perforated sheet strip rewinding → perforated sheet strip unwinding → Perforated stencil strip connection → Perforated stencil strip storage → Perforated stencil strip precision trimming → Perforated stencil strip compensation → Perforated stencil strip rough forming → Thin-walled steel tube with holes for precision forming → Perforated thin-walled Butt welding of steel pipes → eddy current inspection → preheating of thin-walled steel pipes with holes → extrusion compounding → vacuum sizing → cooling → inkjet printing-traction → cutting → stacking → inspection → head → trimming → inspection → packing and storage.


Product advantages

◎ Good creep resistance and high durable mechanical strength;

◎ Good sanitary performance, no toxicity, no breeding of microorganisms, no secondary pollution to water quality;

◎ Rigidity, good impact resistance, good dimensional stability, moderate flexibility, rigidity and flexibility;

◎ the inner wall does not scale, the flow will not decrease with the increase of the use time; good wear resistance, about 4 times that of steel pipes.

◎ Double-sided anticorrosion: The steel mesh is compounded in plastic, the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe have the same anticorrosive performance, abrasion resistance, smooth inner wall, small conveying resistance, no scaling, no waxing, obvious energy saving effect, used in underground It is very economical and convenient under corrosive environment conditions.

◎ Good self-reporting: Due to the existence of the steel skeleton, the buried steel skeleton plastic composite pipe can be located by ordinary magnetic detection methods to avoid damage caused by other excavation projects. This kind of damage is the most damage to pure plastic pipes and other non-metal pipes.

◎ Convenient for construction, installation, and maintenance: Perforated steel belt heat-resistant polyethylene composite pipe is easy to handle and has low labor intensity. Generally, no lifting equipment is required. Adopting electric fusion connection, easy construction and low installation cost.

◎ It has a long service life and can be used for 50 years safely, which is 5 to 7 times that of steel pipes, which prevents waste of manpower, physics and time caused by multiple constructions and repairs.

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