PP double wall corrugated pipe

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Product Detail

The raw material for the production of this product is modified PP material: the smooth inner wall and the outer wall show a unique annular ripple, and the inner and outer walls are hollow.


Chemical resistance and corrosion resistanc
Resistance to the corrosion of various chemical media such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. itself is an excellent anti-corrosion material, and will not be corroded by decaying substances in the soil.


Impact resistance
The pipe wall adopts a unique structure, impact resistance, and toughness is still excellent under 0 ° C environment. Long aging resistance life: can withstand direct sunlight during storage and construction, use in soil of pH 1.5-1.4, use below 30 degrees Celsius, and have a service life of more than 100 years.


Light weight
Easy to transport, convenient and fast construction, reducing costs. Convenient connection: The sealing ring is socket-connected, firmly combined, convenient and fast, and can also be installed as a full welding system to avoid tree root penetration and replacement.


Excellent drainage
The inner wall is smooth, the friction is small, and the water permeability is strong. The smaller diameter can be used instead of the larger diameter concrete pipe.


Shock resistance
The unique flexibility and elasticity of polypropylene double-wall corrugated pipes can withstand ground movement and resist uneven ground settlement.


Light weight, which can greatly reduce transportation costs and hoisting costs during installation.


Environmental impact
Polypropylene is a non-toxic raw material, harmless to the soil, and can be completely recycled or recycled fuel use.

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