PP-R hot and cold water pipe

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The PP-R hot and cold water pipe series products are produced in strict accordance with the high standards of the IS09001 quality system. The products fully meet the GB / T18742.1, GB / T18742.2, GB / T18742.3 and GB / T17219 sanitary standards. PP-R hot and cold water pipe is a new product commonly used in developed countries in the world today. It uses homogeneous fusion technology in hot and cold water transportation projects. Its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are far superior to other similar products, especially its superior The hygienic performance of the entire process from production and use to waste recycling can meet extremely high sanitary and environmental protection requirements. The product has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, heat preservation, energy saving, long service life and economy. It will gradually replace the existing other types of water pipes and become the leading product.


Main advantages of products

◎ light weight
Density at 20°C is 0.90g/cm3, weight is only one ninth of steel pipe and one tenth of copper pipe, light weight. Significantly reduces construction intensity.
◎ Good heat resistance
The instantaneous use temperature is 95℃, and the temperature can reach 75℃ when used for a long time, making it the ideal indoor cold and hot water pipe.
◎ Corrosion resistance
Non-polar material, does not react chemically to all ions in water and building chemicals, and will not rust or corrode.
◎ Low thermal conductivity
Good thermal insulation properties, generally no additional insulation material is required when used in hot water systems.
◎ Low pipe resistance
The smooth inner wall of the pipe results in less resistance along the route and lower energy consumption than metal pipes.
◎ Pipes with strong connections
With good hot melt performance, hot melt connection will be the same material of the pipe and fittings connected into a perfect whole, to eliminate the potential for water leakage.
◎ Sanitary, non-toxic
No pollution to the environment in the production, construction and use of the process, belongs to the green building materials.


Application area editing

◎ Hot and cold water systems in buildings, including central heating systems.
◎ Heating systems in buildings, including floor, wall and radiant heating systems.
◎ Pure water supply systems for direct consumption.
◎ Central (central) air conditioning systems.
◎ Piping systems for industrial use, such as those for conveying or discharging chemical media.
◎ Piping systems such as air lines for cylinder delivery.

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