• UPVC drainage pipe

    UPVC drainage pipe

    Excellent physical and chemical properties: Pipes and fittings made of PVC are corrosion resistant, high impact strength, and low fluid resistance (30% higher flow rate than cast iron pipes of the same caliber 6). Long aging life (according to the test data of the Ministry of Construction, the service life is 40-50), it is an ideal material for building drainage and chemical sewage. Lightweight and practical, easy to install: the weight is only 1/7 of the same diameter cast iron pipe, which c...
  • HDPE grooved ultra-quiet drainage pipe

    HDPE grooved ultra-quiet drainage pipe

    Save raw materials and low loss: HDPE pipes and fittings for ordinary hot-melt connection are one-time connections, and the fittings cannot be reused. The groove connection method can be disassembled, parts and pipes can be reused, making full use of resources, saving energy and manpower and material resources required for secondary processing; during the installation process, the HDPE pipes are connected with flat mouths, without overlapping parts. Compared with other connection methods, the...