PVC-M water supply pipe

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Impact modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC-M) pipe for clam water

Impact-resistant modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC-M) pipes for water supply are made by absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, while maintaining the high-strength properties of PVC pipes, enhancing the ductility and crack resistance of the material, and having better toughness. And high pressure capacity. The PVC-M pipeline produced by our company combines the advantages of PVC-U and PE pipes, good toughness, high safety, convenient and fast installation, and significant economic and social benefits. It is a safer, more convenient and more economical new generation of pipes. Is currently the first choice for water supply network projects.


Product chemistry

He long service life of PVC means that the material itself is under less pressure or not under pressure, and its service life is longer than that of PE and other plastics. The long-term strength of PVC is ≥25Mpa, while PE100 is ≥10Mpa. but PVC is slightly less than PE. Brittleness". That is, it is easy to be injured by impact, long-term strength becomes low. Therefore, UPVC adopts 2.5 (below 90# pipe) or 2.0 (above 110# pipe) insurance in national standard. PE only uses 1.2 (PE100) insurance coefficient to design pipeline, that is, UPVC only needs to solve the Relative brittleness, not only can improve the safety performance of the pipe, but also can solve the adaptability with the current domestic construction conditions. The better side to make the user to use, committed to improve the PVC toughness, reduce the design of the insurance coefficient. At the same time let the user more assured use of PVC pipe, a series of research. In order to ensure the longevity of the toughness, only to increase the toughness of the plastic method, and finally developed a PVC-M pipe.


Scope of use

Urban and rural water supply; pressure drainage and sewage; industrial fluid transport, etc.


Product Advantages

◎ Sanitary and environmental protection, no pollution, good rigidity and toughness, easy and reliable connection, corrosion resistance and long service life.

◎ Low operation and maintenance costs, easy to transport and install.

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