PVC-U water supply pipe

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Hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes for water supply.


Non-toxic, no secondary contamination

PVCU pipes are hygienic and non-toxic, they do not scale, breed algae and other microorganisms in the process of using, and will not cause secondary pollution to water.


Low resistance to flow

PVC-U pipe with smooth inner wall and small resistance to flow, with a rate of .08-0.00 water transmission capacity than cast iron pipe increased by 25%, 509%62 increase in concrete pipes


Long life

The service life of traditional pipe is 20-30 years, PVC-U pipe is less than 50 years.


Light weight and easy to transport

The weight of PVCU pipe is only 1/5 of steel and cast iron pipe, 1/3 of concrete pipe. It is 1/4 of ductile iron pipe and 1/10 of concrete pipe. Easy to load and unload, can reduce the transportation cost by 1/2-1/3.


Good mechanical properties

Good compressive strength of not less than 45MPa at 23 "C. It will not break when pressed to 1/2 of the outer diameter.


Easy to connect, safe and convenient

Due to their light weight, ease of connection and toughness, PVC-U pipes are easy to install, compared to other pipes. The more complex the piping system, the greater the advantages of PVC-U pipe.


Easy maintenance

The maintenance cost of PVC-U pipe is only 30% of that of cast iron or nitrocellulose pipe.


Product Applications

◎ Indoor water supply and grey water system of civil and industrial buildings....

◎ Buried water supply system in residential area and factory area.

◎ urban water supply pipeline system.

◎ water treatment plant water treatment pipeline system.

◎ seawater aquaculture.

◎ garden irrigation, drilling wells and other projects and other industrial pipes.

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