PVC-UH high performance water supply pipe

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PVC-UH pipe (PVC-UH high-performance PVC pipe) is designed to improve the molecular chain structure of pvc, so that the product has high strength, high pressure, ring stiffness, good internal and external pressure, suitable for the erection and laying of pipeline corridors, good toughness, high modulus, small contraction, with more than 45% ring elasticity, good impact resistance, easy installation, fast construction, low maintenance costs; pipeline system design life ≥ 50 years, with low investment, cost-effective advantages; high-performance pvc-uh pipe is mainly used in water supply system, water, chemical media transmission, municipal pressure drainage, sewage and other fields.


Advantages of pvc-uh pipe products

◎ Pipe specification: diameter range DN20-800mm, pressure grade 0.63mpa-2.5mpa.

◎ Hydrostatic test: random sampling, testing and inspection of pipes to ensure that the products are qualified.

◎ Integral forming rubber ring for steel frame: rubber ring and flare are integrated production. It will not be shifted during installation, strengthen the connection seal, make the connection reliable without leakage, improve the installation quality, and the service life of the pipeline system is more than 50 years. .

◎ Non-toxic, sanitary: The pipeline adopts green environmental protection lead-free formula instead of compound lead salt formula, which does not harm water quality and is non-toxic.

◎ Corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance: the pipe adopts advanced formula, strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance are better than ordinary pipes.



◎ Municipal water pipeline

Large diameter PVC-UH pipe can replace cast iron pipe and cement pipe for water supply system, with good fluidity, corrosion resistance and quality. Lightweight and other advantages.

◎ Building water supply pipe

Small diameter PVC-UH pipe, can be widely used in the construction of water pipes, with low cost, corrosion resistance, do not require frequent maintenance and replacement. and other advantages.

◎ Medium water and chemical medium conveying, municipal pressure bearing drainage, sewage pipe.

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