Reinforced Modified Polyvinyl Chloride (MPVC-SR) Non-excavation Communication Pipe

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 Reinforced modified PVC (MPVC-SR) non-excavation dedicated communication pipe for buried

At present, in communication non-excavation projects, PE pipes and silicon core pipes are mainly used. The new generation of non-excavation dedicated pipe MPVC-SR developed by our company is superior to PE pipe and silicon core pipe in terms of performance, connection method, procurement cost and transportation.


 Excellent resistance to low temperature impact

The tube was placed in a 15C freezer, and the impact test was performed after freezing for 1H without cracking. Convenient and ultra-high-strength connection adopts special glue connection, which is convenient to connect, and the strength of the connection is higher than the strength of the pipe itself.


 Flame retardant, environmental protection, earthquake resistance

MPVC-SR pipe is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing, and its flame retardant performance exceeds V0 level, which is very conducive to fire safety. The raw materials are sanitary and environmentally friendly polymer materials and additives. The pipe enters the soil and has no pollution to the environment and soil. The pipe is buried to the depth of four-fifths of the outer diameter of the pipe, and one-fifth of the outer diameter of the pipe is exposed to the outside.


 Corrosion and aging resistance

The raw material of MPVC-SR pipe is mainly calcium carbide, which is stable in price and low in cost; its friction coefficient is 0.25-0.35, the inner wall is smooth, the drag resistance is small, and the out-of-roundness is less than 1-3%. The cost performance is far better than HDPE pipe and silicon core pipe.


◎ Superior and convenient construction and maintainability

MPVC-SR pipe meets the requirements of special scenarios and is suitable for construction sites with walls, houses and other buildings, which can be connected while pulling. And no power supply is required for connection or maintenance, and special glue sockets can be directly used for connection at room temperature, which is flexible and convenient.

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